'Alas! alas!' cried Legolas, and in his fair elvish face there was great distress. 'The

tidings that I was sent to bring must now be told. They are not good, but only here

have I learned how evil they may seem to this company. Sm茅agol, who is now called Gollum, has escaped.'

'Escaped?' cried Aragorn. 'That is ill news indeed. We shall all rue it bitterly, I

fear. How came the folk of Thranduil to fail in their trust?'

'Not through lack of watchfulness,' said Legolas; 'but perhaps through over-kindliness. And we fear that the prisoner had aid from others, and that more is known of our doings than we could wish. We guarded this creature day and night, at Gandalf's bidding, much though we wearied of the task. But Gandalf bade us hope still for his cure, and we had not the heart to keep him ever in dungeons under the earth, where he would fall back into his old black thoughts.'


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"Oh no no no!" Legolas shaked his head, his pretty Elven features freaking out. "The news that I was sent with, now must be revealed. No good news to begin with, but I just realized how bad it is. Fellows, Smeagol, that Gollum, has broken free!"


"Holy smoley!" Aragorn cursed, "Bad news indeed! Surely all of us will now find it frustrating. Can't trust Thranduil's men anymore!"


"It's not about trust." Said Legolas, "We might have been too nice to him. In fact, we suspect that this outlaw has had external help! He knows what we are doing better than we do! We followed Gandalf's order, guarding this creature day and night, and we are tired of all this shit!! And then Gandalf told us that he might still be saved, and we can't quite bring ourselves to lock him in the dungeon and let him rot in the darkness he once came from."


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“Nonono…” Legolas Greenleaf shook his head with panic on that beautiful face, ”The news I brought must have been sneaked! It was bad news, but until now havent I realized how severe the situation has been. Smeagol, a.k.a. Gollum, has escaped!”
“What the f…” Aragon replied, “Things couldnt be worse…Legolas, I know how frustrated you must be, but Thranduil cannot be trusted any longer!”
“It has nothing to do with trust!” The Greenleaf raised his voice,  ‘Yes it was our fault to be careless about Smeagol, but actually we strongly suspected that creature got some help outside, from someone who knows him much better than we do! We are….we have been at the end of our wit treating that thing before Gandalf came and told us there was still hope of salvation lying with Smeagol. Thus he said we shouldnt lock him in the black chamber, leaving him in the darkness where in my opinion he originally belongs!”


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"Oh Valar!It's terrible!" Legolas Greenleaf shook his pretty head,his face turned pale."That's truly terrible news.I've never realized how serious it is until today. Smeagol AKA Gollum, he's escaped!"
"Oh damn it!" Aragorn said anxiously,"There's nothing worse than that! Pardon me Legolas I'm sorry for my words, but Thraunduil is a big great fool who hell is unable to count!”
”My friend, I don't think it's the right language for a gentleman." Greenleaf's voice rose."Yet you are right. Smeagol escaped because our careless mistake. But it's reasonable to suspect that the creature had got some help from the others, from the people who know HIM better than we do. We were...no, we were friendly to him even before Gandalf told us that he hadn't fallen into the dark completely. And you must know my friend, Gandalf also advised us not to keep him in the dak cold cell at the same time, though I believe that is actually the place he likes."

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"Oh Valar, that's terrible! "Legolas Greenleaf shook his beatuiful head and turned pale,"That's definitely a bad new. I didn't realized how bad it is until today. Smeagol AKA Gollum, has escaped! "
"Fxxk! "Aragorn cried out anxiously, "There's nothing worse than that! Forgive me Legolas, but Thranduil is absolutely a unspeakably idiot! "
"Take care your language, comrade! "Legolas raise his voise, "Although you are right, we didn't complete the task of the organization. Smeagol got away with our oversight. But there is reason to suspect that this creature was helped by the others who know him better than we do. Before Gandalf... No, we gave him too much preferential treatment even before Gandalf told us that he had not yet been completely poisoned by the dark reactionary thought. And you know, buddy, gandalf also advised us not to keep him in the dark and cold places, though I believe that is what he really likes.



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'Oh, God, that's too bad!' Legolas shook his head, and his pretty face was pale as milk. 'It's a terrible news, and it's not until today that I realized how bad it was. Smeagol, aka Gollum, has run away!''Dear Eru!'Aragon roared uneasily,'Nothing can be worse than that! Forgive my darling, but Thranduil is definitely an unspeakable idiot!' 'Pay attention to your words and deeds, luv!' Legolas raised the volume. 'Although you said nothing wrong, we haven't finished the task of the organization. Smeagol escaped under our eyelids, but it's reasonable to assume that his little thing might have been helped by a person who knew it better than we did before Gandalf... No, we gave him too much leniency, even in Gandalf told us before the idea is not completely occupy the reactionary. You know, man, Gandalf advises us not to put him in a dark, cold place, even though I think that's what he really likes.'       

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“哦,糟透了!”莱戈拉斯摇着头,脸色苍白。“不妙的消息,我至今才了解它的严重性。斯密戈,也就是咕噜,逃走了!” “一如在上!”阿拉贡喊道,“没有比这更坏的消息了。恕我直言,瑟兰迪尔就是个白痴!”“请放尊重点!”莱戈拉斯提高了音调。“尽管你说的都对,但我们还没完成组织里派下的任务呢。斯密戈在我们眼皮底下跑了,但是容易猜到,他的行径很可能被人所帮助,这个人在甘道夫得到信息之前就比我们知道的更多。我们对他太仁慈了,尽管甘道夫在他的反抗意识还没完全苏醒时就警告过我们。甘道夫叫我们别让他待在阴暗冰冷的地方,即使我觉得他就喜欢那样的地方。”

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"Oh, damn!" Legolas' face turned white, shaking his head, "I've got some bad news. Not until now did I know how terrible it is. Sméagol, namely, Gollum, has run away."
"Oh my Eru!" Aragorn shouted, "Things can't be worse. Let me get this straight: Thranduil is a true idiot."
"You'd better not insult him." Legolas said loudly, "Although you are right, don't forget that we haven't fulfilled the task the Party and state gave us. Sméagol fled under our noses. It goes without saying that there may well be  someone who helped him, someone who has got more information than us before Gandalf received the message. We treated Gollum with undue kindness, though Gandalf had warned us when his resistance consciousness was not fully awakened. Gandalf asked us not to let him stay in a dark and cold place, even if I felt that he would like it."

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